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The Ultimate Groom Checklist

Charleston Haberdash and Groom Trends

Get fashion and event tips for grooms on our blog! Our Charleston Haberdash will make weddings all about the groom.

The Ultimate Groom Checklist

Kacie Faulling

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event. If you’re the groom, you have much to do to prepare for the wedding day. Like most people, you may be be too rattled on the day of the event to compose a “to do” list. Any useful checklist needs to be made well in advance while you’ve still got time to think carefully. Plus, you’ll have time to make a groom checklist that has alternative or backup plans for the festivities in case of emergencies. That will be critical if something does not go according to plan on the wedding day.

Customs the Groom Observes

The groom’s planning checklist should not only include things to get, but also things to do (or not do). The following customs are, as you can see, not difficult to remember. Generally, the groom is not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding until the ceremony starts. Traditionally, it was regarded as bad luck. Both the bride and the groom are expected to say their vows to each other at the ceremony. And, afterwards, the newlyweds are expected to dance with each other.

The groom is expected to provide some gifts for the groomsmen for being a part of his special day. Related to that, the groomsmen are to be provided a haberdash; a room with entertainment facilities, food, showers, dressing rooms, and perhaps a small bar. The groom is also allowed to use the room.

Basic Planning by the Groom

The budget for the wedding needs to be decided long in advance. For the groom’s wedding checklist, necessary items include who is to be invited, how wedding party is to be dressed, what is to be served – especially alcohol – and when serving starts.

When, and where, is the wedding to be held? The season in which one has a wedding is more important than the specific date. Hand-in-hand with the date is the location. Both heavily influence the décor and tone of the ceremony.

An outdoor spring wedding may have a nature theme with garlands of flowers and the ceremony under low-hanging tree branches in natural sunlight. Lighter decorative colors may be favored such as white, pastel blue, or spring green. There, more formal tuxedos and long dresses may be replaced with casual blazers without ties, and mid-length skirts.

An indoors winter ceremony may have formally-arranged seating, tuxedos required for the groom and groomsmen, formal dresses for women, and ambient lighting. Decorative color schemes may favor the darker end of the spectrum, with dark brown, black, deep blue, or gray.

There are other things to secure before the last minute. Making sure you know if your rings fit is one of these small details. Other things to keep in mind are securing a photographer and musicians. Also, in accordance to the new 21st century trend, will you have a website for your wedding? Finally, get a haircut a week or so before the wedding.

While not a complete list, the suggestions above will help a lot, and prevent a lot of potential grief from becoming reality.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect engagement ring and proposed to the love of your life, it’s time to start planning the wedding and the Haberdash for the groomsmen at the Groom’s Lounge!