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What Goes Into Being A Best Man?

Kacie Faulling


When a groom appoints someone to be best man, it's much more than a symbolic gesture. Beyond an expression of love, friendship, and trust, they're also assigning their best man a role that is vital to the wedding going smoothly.

What Does it Mean to be The Best Man?

Traditionally, the best man is the lead groomsman. While the groom himself is ultimately in charge of what the groomsmen do, the best man serves as a go-between. The groom communicates all the important information the groomsmen need to the best man. Should questions arise, the best man can take care of them while the groom continues to make their own preparations. In this sense, the best man is a leadership role. More importantly, though, the best man serves as emotional support for the groom. The time leading up to the wedding can be incredibly exciting but also emotional. The best man needs to be willing to be receptive to the groom and whatever he chooses to share.

What To Do as The Best Man

Beyond being a mediator the day of the wedding, the best man has a series of tasks to do during the planning stages as well. It's not uncommon for the best man to play a role in selecting the groom's tuxedo as well as the attire of all the groomsmen. They are also responsible for arranging the planning and payment of the bachelor's party and lodging for the groomsmen. During rehearsals and the reception itself, the best man may also be responsible for organizing and timing the speeches that are to be given as well as staging the various group photos.

Of course, there's lots of work to be done on the day of the wedding as well. It's up to the best man to ensure that the groomsmen are on time and are where they need to be at all times. The best man is also responsible for hanging on to the rings as well as collecting gifts from, and greeting, guests. It's also good practice for the best man to be prepared to fill in for other roles on short notice.

How Does the Best Man Dress?

No one should upstage the bride or groom at their own wedding. Best man attire should be representative of the relationship with the groom while still being distinct from the suit the groom is wearing. This could include different colors and well as styles while still having a tasteful fit for the event itself. Even any accessories worn should be different. The groom and best man usually help each other pick their suits and shop for them on the same day.

For all the fun there is to be had being a best man, the importance of their responsibilities shouldn't be overlooked. Much of the micromanaging that goes into making a wedding work falls on the best man's shoulders. Their goal should be to carry out their duties so seamlessly that no one notices.  For all of your groomsman needs, contact us today!