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Transportation for the Groom on the Big Day

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Transportation for the Groom on the Big Day

Kacie Faulling

While short engagements and quick weddings might be trendy, chances are you and your partner want to nail down transportation details several months before the big day. You’ve already enrolled in gift registries, hired a photographer and a videographer, scheduled wedding cake design appointments and tastings, and started planning your honeymoon, and now it’s time to ensure you can arrive to your venue safely and on schedule. The bride may be referring to her wedding binder daily, but if you’re in need of some groom transportation basics, here are some areas to consider.

Wedding Day Transportation

Some couples strive for simplicity during this time, while others want the entire week to overflow with celebratory activities and experiences. Simple single-location occasions may not necessitate any special transportation arrangements – friends or family members will feel lucky to ferry you or the bride from the home to the venue. Usually, however, there are far more pieces to the puzzle.

Sometimes couples overlook one key need when arranging their big day – a lounge for the parties to rest and recover during the day if the hotel is not equipped with this type of space, or if the hotel booking doesn’t start until the evening of the event. In this case, another location is secured. Lounges such as Haberdash fill this need for the groom perfectly, and their Haberdash Transportation Package will take care of one leg of the day’s journey (a very welcomed relief if your friends have been enjoying toasts to your health for a few hours).

Special Transportation for a Special Day

Couples use the many facets of a wedding day to express their unique love for each other and for life - thus many decide on themes or special embellishments. Why not choose a unique vehicle for one part of the day? The sky is truly the limit, with vintage cars, horse and carriages, and even tractors and fire engines on the table.

If you do consider renting a nontraditional vehicle, remember to consider weather and terrain. A horse and carriage arrival at an Irish wedding would make for gorgeous photos, but rain might be on the horizon, and horses cannot manage a road with rough gravel or too steep an incline.

No matter what vehicle you choose, make a reservation at least four months ahead. When calling around, ask for the deposit amount, full price, and the cost of any additional liability insurance necessary. Can you check out the vehicle before you book? Do they have a plan in case of a possible break down? It’s important to troubleshoot this particular area; unforeseen problems on the wedding day may be hard to solve, as cell phones may die or go missing during all the excitement!