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5 Tips to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

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5 Tips to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Kacie Faulling

Groom Traditions: Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Traditionally, once you’ve decided to propose, your goal is to find the perfect engagement ring. Then it’s time to present the ring, on bended knee, as you ask the question of a lifetime. Although a proposal will never go out of style, however, these days couples often choose their wedding rings together, as well as the engagement ring. But chivalry is not completely dead, and sometimes the groom gets the opportunity to find the perfect engagement ring for his unassuming bride-to-be. If you are one of those lucky grooms, and even if you’ve had a little experience with choosing a promise ring, here are five tips to help you find the perfect engagement ring.

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Narrow Your Choices

You don’t have to set anything in stone but narrowing your options before you go shopping can save a lot of time. You might ask yourself: Simple or embellishments? Stone or simply a precious metal? There are thousands of engagement ring images on Pinterest that will give you a comprehensive selection of styles, stones, and embellishments.


It might not be the most fun part of finding the perfect engagement ring, but you need to know that you can afford the jewelry. Once you have narrowed down what style, stone, and other embellishments you’d like to include, it’s time to face the financial facts. Generally, a simple 14-karat gold or platinum band will cost around $1000. Embellishments such as engraving or diamonds will quickly add up.

Consider Metal Options

These five questions concerning metal options will answer just about everything you need to know to choose the right metal for the engagement ring:

  • How much wear and tear will the ring get? (For instance, is your bride a gardener?)

  • How well will the metal hold a diamond in place?

  • Do you want to get the ring engraved?

  • How much upkeep will the metal require?

  • Is the metal responsibly sourced?

Real-Life Inspiration

An engagement ring doesn’t have to follow specific guidelines. You’re open to choose embellishments that will reflect your bride’s personality, as well as have real-life significance. For instance, if your first date as a couple was walking in a park, you could choose a nature motif. On the other hand, you could choose to go with her birthstone, or have the ring engraved with a phrase that is meaningful to her.

Shape First, Setting Second

If you’re going the stone route, get an idea of what shape you prefer. The shape of a stone is its actual geometry, as opposed to the cut which refers to the angles of facets in the stone. Only after deciding on a shape should you choose a setting. The setting is the metal framework in which the stone is mounted and can further set the tone for the ring.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect engagement ring and proposed to the love of your life, it’s time to start planning the wedding and the Haberdash for the groomsmen at the Groom’s Lounge!