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Getting Ready for the Wedding: A Groom’s Guide to Where and What

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Getting Ready for the Wedding: A Groom’s Guide to Where and What

Kacie Faulling

Choosing where you and your groomsmen will get ready on your wedding day is a very important decision. You and your fiancé have been swamped with wedding planning for months now, after all, and it’s finally time for the wedding, groom! It’s a very big day, and you want to have a great experience with your groomsmen. If you’re looking for ideas on how and where to spend your pre-wedding hours, here are some things to consider when deciding on the when and what of your wedding day.

Pick a venue.

Depending on the location of the wedding and the vibe you want for your wedding day, you can spend your wedding prep time lounging at the beach, engaging in a bonding adventure, or relax in the warmly lit comfort of a groom’s lounge. The best place for your unique wedding day needs will also depend on the time the wedding will be held. It isn’t uncommon for a wedding to be in a church in the late morning, followed by a luncheon/reception lasting a few hours.

Many modern weddings, however, are held in the early evening, followed by receptions that may last for hours. If you know that you’ll be starting the festivities late and partying into the night, this may warrant an alcohol-free experience earlier in the day.

No matter what kind of experience you choose, let’s dive into how to keep the groomsmen entertained, pampered, and/or exhilarated while you ease any pre-wedding jitters together.

Get groomed. 

If you think getting pampered would be a good choice for your crowd, you could relax in a day spa or hire a professional to groom you and your boys at the venue of your choice, and some wedding-day venues offer affordable all-inclusive packages with their own twist. Some pre-wedding venues will offer a groom suite with as much as a steaming service, for example, and catered lunch, bar games, a Bloody Mary bar, and transportation to the wedding venue!

Get adventurous.

Especially if your wedding will be held in a location distant from your home, with different customs and types of natural beauty, take advantage of the unique adventures the area has to offer. Imagine ziplining through the jungle before the wedding, a street food tour, or a hike in the mountains to calm the spirits.

Give a toast.

One of the most special things about your time with your groomsmen on your wedding day is that it’s the perfect chance to show your appreciation to your groomsmen in private. This is an opportunity to speak more candidly with your best friends about how much they mean to you.

Roast them all and make them laugh, get sappy about it and make them cry, or find a balance between the two. It’s up to you. This is a great time to let them know, straight from the heart, how honored you are to have them in your wedding party.

Haberdash would love to have you on your wedding day, so give us a shout!