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Bachelor Party at the Groom’s Lounge

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Bachelor Party at the Groom’s Lounge

Kacie Faulling

The Bachelor Party is often the final celebration before another member of the squad hitches the knot. Some have even called it “the final guy’s night.” Ensuring the Bachelor party goes off without too much destruction and chaos is essential.

Fortunately, if you’re planning a wedding in Charleston, there is no better place to be than the Groom’s Lounge, a 1,500 square foot building nestled in downtown Charleston.

Charleston Bachelor Party

There are three packages available at the Groom’s Lounge. Each comes with a number of different features as well as well as a different price tag.

First there is the Knob Creek package which costs $75 per person. It includes:

  • Access to private dressing rooms and shower

  • Complimentary soda, coffee, water, and beer

  • A catered, gourmet meal

  • A variety of games and entertainment including televisions, video games (via X-Box One), pool tables, dartboards, air hockey tables, foosball tables, and shuffleboards

  • Professional tie and suit steaming services

For an extra $25 per person, the party can level up to the Old Forester package which includes all of the Knob Creek amenities as well as a cigar bar and the choice between a Bloody Mary or Bourbon Bar. For $125 total per person, the Pappy Van Winkle includes both the Bloody Mary and the Bourbon Bar as well as photos of the event & transportation.

Each of these packages can be rented during wedding season or off-season. If rented during wedding season, each package requires 10 persons minimum. If the Groom’s Lounge is rented off-season, only six persons are required.

The Groom’s Lounge considers wedding season to take place between March and November.

Availability of the Groom’s Lounge

The Groom’s Lounge can be rented for three hour increments. It is available from Monday through Thursday for any three hour increment. However, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Haberdash can only be reserved between 9:00 and 12:00 or from 1:00 to 4:00.

There is a lot of demand for the space. desired times and dates may not always be available. It is best to reserve the Haberdash a good time ahead of the Bachelor Party. Waiting the week or even month before may mean waiting until it is too late.

Other Haberdash Events

A traditional Haberdash is typically used as the location where the groom and groom’s men prepare before the wedding. At the Groom’s Lounger, we understand this and provide transportation to and from the wedding if this is the reason the space is rented.

Nonetheless, the Groom’s Lounge is known for breaking a rule or two. Not only can the space be rented for wedding-related events, it can be rented for many other purposes as well. Sometimes men just need a guy’s night out, and the Groom’s Lounge is available for any sort of celebration, no matter the reason. Sometimes getting together for a few hours with friends in a private space with all the amenities is reason enough.

There have also been poker nights hosted at the Haberdash as well as birthday parties for adults and children of all ages. The Groom’s Lounge has even hosted a number of Fantasy Football Draft parties and corporate events. No matter the reason why, the Groom’s Lounge is a great place to meet up and celebrate.